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A Skylit Drive

Formed in 2006 while all of its bandmembers were attending high school in Lodi, CA, A Skylit Drive quickly established a familiar post-hardcore sound, combining the aggression of screamo with the pop-leaning aspects of emo. The sextet released its debut EP, She Watched the Sky, in 2007 on Tragic Hero Records. By the end of that year, A Skylit Drive had endured numerous lineup changes, a situation that lent itself well to 2008's tense, angst-fueled full-length debut, Wires...and the Concept of Breathing. The album broke into the Billboard Top 200 and helped to establish the group outside of its West Coast confines.

The band kept busy throughout the year, touring with similar-minded outfits like Chiodos, Greeley Estates, August Burns Red, and Sky Eats Airplane, as well as releasing the live DVD Let Go of the Wires in December. The following June, A Skylit Drive released their sophomore effort, Adelphia, which marked their first release for Fearless Records. As usual, the guys supported its release by hitting the road, joining up with the Warped Tour that summer before traveling across America, the U.K., and Europe in early 2010. By February, they'd begun working on another album, Identity on Fire, which was released 12 months later in 2011. ~ James Christopher Monger

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