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  1. cda9c493578b3cdeb816c54c53397baf

    Titanic by unknown

    Live Vattene amore oppure May way dalla maestra Anna p.: http://youtu.be/oes3V-b2eCI

  2. getAlbumArtImg

    Fanny Lu - Celos by unknown

  3. d658c537e8c8026ce50f7f42c6200bb7

    A Fool Such As I by unknown

    Susan Jacks - A Fool Such As I (1980): http://youtu.be/-9Z703ubdpQ

  4. 57dd6fdf6f7e18b8abb0ed2cc18d546d

    Wu Tang Clan - Shaolin Worldwide by unknown

    Wu-Tang - "Preservation" (Instrumental) Prod. Preā€¦: http://youtu.be/zMLcsDL72aM

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